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Some manners gurus are sticklers about not putting your elbows on the table. However, this is not strictly true. It is true that you should not put your elbows on the table while you are eating with utensils. This is a common form of manners that most people will agree with.

However, there are many occasions when putting your elbows on the table is just fine. If you are eating without utensils, then it is perfectly acceptable to eat with your elbows on Continue reading…

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There are countless restaurants with delicious food in the United States, but only a few can make the top ten list. Written below is a list of ten restaurants with the most satisfying food in the nation.

1. In-N-Out Burger: This place has a secret menu filled to the brim with animal style hamburgers, double-doubles, and triple-triples.

2. Carlsbad Tavern: Spicy Tex-Mex food can be found here. Whether you desire green chili cheese crisps, habanero hamburgers, or spicy patty melts, this is the place.

3. Tacos Jalisco: Get a “three taco combo” with marinated pork, Continue reading…

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Everyone likes dining out, but the costs of a meal, drink, and dessert can add up quickly. Rather than abandon fine dining altogether, following a few simple tips can help you eat like royalty on a peasant’s budget.

First, try just ordering the appetizers. Many times, appetizers can be just as delicious and satisfying as an entire meal without the high cost. Ordering a few different appetizers without ordering a full meal significantly reduces the cost of Continue reading…

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Desserts are a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. However, many people don’t have much room for them after eating a big meal. Some people choose to eat dessert first. On the contrary, a lot of people find that it cuts their appetite if eaten before the main course.

Even after filling up on a delicious meal, there is always a little room left in the corner of the stomach. That is where dessert comes in. Room can be made somewhere in the stomach for that divine chocolate cake or succulent cheesecake. A full meal is best served in courses. The key to making enough room with a full course meal is portion size. If the portions are not too big, there will be plenty of room for dessert in the end.

Certain desserts require more room than others. For example a small cookie or two wouldn’t take up much extra room. On the other hand, an apple pie a la mode might be a bit too much to finish. Sharing dessert is a great way to make room without being overstuffed. No matter how large the main course, dessert can always be used to fill in the corners.

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Life can get hectic, what with dealing with colleagues and your doctor’s appointments and the Sears Home Improvement renovations in your home. What’s better than totally checking out and pigging out in your city? Here are some suggestions for the best type of eats to get your mind off real life

Mexican Cantina: Be transported to the shores of Mexico with your local cantina – there’s nothing a frosty margarita can’t fix! Order the fish tacos and pay the mariachi band to play nearbyyou’ll swear you’re on vacation.

Go French: If you’re lucky enough to have a French or other upscale restaurant nearby put on some of your best clothes and take the wife out for a fancy meal. Split a bottle of wine and order two desserts – just go all out for one night and escape from reality.

Sports Bar: Why not make your fall into a chair and veg out routine something morespecial? Head to a local sports bar to dive into a plate of wings and watch whatever game is on that day. You’ll feel more accomplished than watching at home.

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Have you ever wondered why so many fine dining establishments offer appetizers before a meal? This may consist of rolls, breads, relish trays or other types of foods. There may be numerous reasons why this happens; however, most of the time it is because appetizers enhance the dining experience at a restaurant.
It is absolutely no fun waiting for your meal in a restaurant. Guests sit there waiting, watching the waiters bring food to the tables around. As this happens, your mouth starts watering and your stomach starts churning. By ordering appetizers before your meal, your experience is less distracted by these things. It also offers a way for restaurants to let guests sample certain foods. Many people choose restaurants that offer appetizers because of these reasons. For example, a Mexican restaurant will bring chips and salsa prior to the meal. People look forward to this. It is something small enough to keep you occupied, and your mind off wondering when your meal will ever arrive.
Finally, if you are starved when your meal arrives, you may eat it way too fast, leaving you with a stomach ache. By munching on an appetizer, prior to the meal, you will not be as hungry, and you will be able to enjoy your main course much more.

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Have you ever had a unique experience when you have dined out? That is what people are saying about the Chef’s tasting menu. They say it is truly a unique and different way to dine out. You may be served food from a six to twelve course menu. The menu could include an appetizer, soup, salad, entree, cheese and dessert. The cost per person is pretty high compared to a basic meal, and your beverage may even be charged separate.

If you want the opportunity to try a little bit of it all, then the chef’s tasting menu may be for you. This kind of menu offers variety for the taster. The meals are satisfying and leave you feeling full. After that many different courses, there is no way you will be leaving without feeling full. The experience is a chance to taste food that you might be curious about.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. And to enjoy it in a special way is a unique experience. Some say that the Chef’s tasting menu is worth the money, but others might disagree. It is really about how much you are willing to pay for a unique experience involving food.

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A Prix Fixe menu, sometimes also referred to as a “set menu,” or “fixed menu,” is a menu which features a limited number of selections per dining course, all for a combined fixed price covering the entire meal. Often seen at upscale restaurants, a Prix Fixe menu typically includes an appetizer, main entree and desert, but may also include additional courses or wine pairings, all for a single price per guest.

“Prix Fixe” is a French term meaning “fixed price” that is derived from another French phrase, “Table d’hote,” which means “host’s table.” A Prix Fixe menu is meant to mimic the type of service received when dining at someone’s home, where the host prepares several courses of a meal and all guests receive the same dishes for each course; hence why it might otherwise be referred to as eating at “Table d’hote.” It is meant to be an inviting way to dine and should make diners feel welcomed and appreciated by the chef.

Prix Fixe menus are excellent for dining out with a date, or for trying new foods. Not having to pore over a menu to make a selection gives diners more time to enjoy the company of those they are dining with, and trusting the chef can be greatly rewarding when it comes to tasting delicious dishes one otherwise might not have ordered.

Restaurants offering Prix Fixe menus most often also offer an “a la carte” menu, (a more typical type of service in the United States,) which allows diners to choose their course selections from a more extensive menu for individual prices. For those who chose not to brave the Prix Fixe selections, the chef is usually happy to accommodate requests from the a la carte menu, or sometimes even will create something special for a guest who would prefer something that is not listed on either menu type.

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Being in a new city is exciting enough, let alone thinking about what to do and, possibly more importantly, where to eat! This can be a challenging decision, but learning a few tricks to fail-proof dining can be just the help you need.
Walking or driving around a new city can provide clues to the best places to eat if you have arrived without a list of suggestions, and these hints can oftentimes be all the help you Continue reading…

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A delicious meal can easily be ruined by a poor bottle of wine, just as a great vintage’s taste can be affected by pairing it with meat instead of fish. Learning to pair wines with meals is both a time-honored tradition and an art form. Follow this simple guide to make the right pairing every time.

White Wines
Wines like chardonnay, white riesling and pinot grigio are best paired with shellfish and mild cheeses. White wines often make a delicious pairing with poultry and spicy foods as well.

Red Wines
Dark wines such as pinot noir, merlot and malbec Continue reading…

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